5 Organic Marketing Ways To Increase Your Online Presence

5 Organic Marketing Ways To Increase Your Online Presence

Internet Organic Marketing, is the method of building content over the course of time. Online marketing can be quick and you can get customers today. You will also pay for the visibility. Getting found online today most commonly involves PPC, or pay per click advertising. This type of advertising can be very effective and if done correctly have a good ROI. It can also be very expensive to compete with your competitors. When you stop paying the money for the clicks, the ads stop and so do the leads.

Establishing an online presence can generate new customers or leads for your company.  There are numerous things you can do, that over time will help your local online presence. (Unless you hire someone then it is their time and expertise your paying for.)

In a moment, I’m going to give you 5 ways to increase your company’s online brand, that you can do for free.

With the Organic approach to internet marketing, the goal is to keep creating new content around your business. As time progresses, your content grows and the search engines notice this. With regular updates through multiple avenues online, your creating multiple ways for new customer to learn about your business and the more quality content you create, the more often you will be found online. The great news is, that the content is there forever!

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When it comes to internet marketing you want to be careful of the tactics used. When done improperly, you may see big results at first but then disappear from the search engines. For this reason you need to be aware of the “SEO Snake oil saleman”. He will promise the page one rankings you always dreamed of. You will find your company on page one when you search for it. Then when Google releases a new update your website goes away, and so does the SEO snake oil salesman.
Why does this happen?
Because bad practices in SEO were applied to ranking your website, when a search engine update is released, it sees the bad things and makes you disappear.
For this reason, I want to help you understand what to look for when building your online brand.

5 organic marketing ways to increase your online presence.

  1. Use Google – Sign up for a Google account.  If you already have an account, then utilize it for its free potential.  Start with making sure you have a local listing for your business. Then make sure you have a YouTube page.  Finally sign up for a free Google Analytic’s account.  Implement the required code onto your website (or have your web designer implement it for you).
  2. Video Marketing – Since you have a Google account you also have access to a free YouTube account. You can create a personalized and branded channel for your business and start using video marketing to your advantage.  Simple video shooting and editing can go along way.  When uploading videos to YouTube, write SEO friendly titles and descriptions.  Make sure to include a link back to your website in the beginning of your description!
  3. Website Check – Review your website for SEO 101 items. Items like good Meta Titles, Meta Description, and Alt Tags on pictures.  If the content is kind of thin, look at adding more or re-writing the content you already have.  If you do not have pictures on your website, add some.
  4. Claim Local Listings – There are many websites that you can list your company information on for free.  Sites like Google, BBB, Manta and Yelp are just a few.  They allow you to create a free account and then verify your business to create a listing.  When doing so you can add many things about your business.  Try to fill in all the information they allow and be descriptive.
  5. Get Social – There are a whole bunch of social media platforms you can be on.  Try worrying about too many and everything will become overwhelming.  Try to focus on a few and learn to re purpose your content.  Have a specific goal and strategy to implement more content over time. How do you get found online? Create content! I would suggest YouTube, Facebook and Instagram as your 3 avenues outside of your website. How do you repurpose content? Lets say your a service company. When you go out on a call you wan to make sure to take pictures and some video if you can. When you have a few minutes, post to Instagram a few pictures of the “job” your doing. Make sure to use hashtags and keywords. Create a short post on Facebook about the “job”. Maybe some before during and after pictures. if your into using video marketing, this would be a good time for a YouTube video. If its 60 seconds or less it can go to Instagram also. This is then shared to Facebook. You can also write a blog post around whatever you did. Start small and just keep working at it.

I know all of this can seem like a lot to do.  After all you do have a business to run.  With my cost effective approach to Internet Marketing and using an organic method North Kent Media can help with all items discussed.  Just remember that it is not an overnight process and as you become more familiar with everything it will get easier.  Don’t try to do everything all at once. Find out more about my services.

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