About Me

About 9 years ago I started playing around with designing websites as a hobby. As my interest grew and I started exploring the worlds of SEO, affiliate marketing, video marketing, web design and SEO best practices. Over this time it has just been a hobby, dabbling here and there while a “real job” took front and center. All the while in the back of my brain I kept wondering, how can I help local small businesses increase their knowledge around online marketing? That is where North Kent Media was born. Out of my passion for web design, video editing, and content creation.

What drives me everyday is being able to help small business owners grow their business, attract new customers, and understand that the internet can be your friend.

It doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to increase your online presence. I know from experience that most small business owners are overwhelmed with sales calls about every marketing technique out there to generate more sale and more leads. They promise you to “be on the top of the search results”. You also probably never see this person and only talk to them over the phone.

My approach is different. Because I am a local business just like you, I will come to your business to learn what you need to get started with your online marketing campaign. Together we will create a plan to strategically work on improving your search results.

Are looking for someone to fully manage your online presence through running your website, creating content and managing your internet marketing campaign? This is my favorite thing to do! I love being able to create a plan with a client and then make it come to life.

Are you looking to try and tackle some or all of these tasks yourself but need help getting started? My consulting and coaching service will teach you how to manage and run everything yourself.