Local Digital Marketing Services

Finding a local digital marketing agency near you, to help answer questions and meet with you in person can sometimes be hard. There are ALOT of companies online that offer all kinds of services and products, but your never get to see or sometimes even talk to a real person. My mission at North Kent Media is different. I am not just another voice on the end of the phone, or an email signature away. I am a real person and before any services are charged for, we will meet in person to discus an online marketing strategy that is cost effective and works for your company.

When you are looking for a local company to help manage your online marketing efforts, web design, SEO research, video marketing, content creation and more, North Kent Media has you covered. No matter what stage of online marketing your currently at, we can help you get found on the web.

Local Web Design Company

Web Design Service

Web Design Near You! Need a new website or your current website updated? We can work with you to design a website that does not break the bank, and provides your stamp on the internet. With current SEO best practices, content creation, and knowing what it takes to be found on the internet our web design services are here.

Feel free to reach out to us with questions on how we can help you. Call 616-799-4253

Digital Menu Board Mangament

Digital Menu Board & Display Advertising

Are you looking to set up and install a new digital menu board for your business? Maybe you have though of having a TV in your office to display current events, company information or advertising purposes. North Kent Media can set up and manage your Digital Menu Boards and Display. From installing TV’s and creating the content your company is looking for, to managing and updating your digital menu bard or display. North Kent Media can help with your Digital Menu Boards and Displays.

Local Business Directory

Local Business Directory

Our Local Business Directory portion of the website is a place for local small businesses to advertise their services. We create a one page, personalized ad on this website optimized for your location and services. When creating your Local Business Page, we optimize it for your location, services and to help it appear in search results. On your personalized page you will receive the following:

  • Full page ad dedicated to your business with contact information and optimized for your location
  • Pictures of your business or services you provide
  • :15 second video about your business posted to our YouTube channel and on your personalized page
  • Link back to your website or social media account
  • Blog Post on North Kent Media about your business.
  • Social Media Sharing of your Business
  • Quarterly Reporting on the traffic to your personalized page
  • Unlimited leads
  • Low Cost Advertising – You will never pay more per year than your initial agreement!

Local Digital Marketing Agency

Digital Marketing Services

With our Digital Marketing program, we can manage all of your online efforts from setting up and maintaining your website to creating content through blog posts, videos and social media. If you are just looking for coaching and some help moving in the right direction, we also offer consulting services for those who want to tackle all or some of tasks on their own.

Local Video Marketing Service

Video Marketing Services

Video has to be in your line of marketing efforts if your really want to connect with a customer or client. you can tell a story in a blog post, or show pictures, but when a video is added, it shows your business, product or service in a whole new light. While big brands and big businesses can spend big money on video, the little guys like us can make an impact and get found online too!
You may be thinking that video is to expensive to even think about, North Kent Media provides a solution to help with your video marketing efforts while maintaining a cost effective budget.

  • Restaurants – You can show how good your food looks being made or as people are eating it. Give the customer a chance to “see” your restaurant when making the decision on where to go eat tonight.
  • Car Dealerships – Showing off that new car you just got in, or that special of the week. With good SEO practices, you could be putting vehicles right in front of customer searching for them.
  • Realty – There is nothing like showing off that house or piece of property through good video. Yes there are the 360 degree tours, but a good video tour can make an impact.
  • Service Companies – you provide service work and what better way to showcase your talents than through video.
  • Construction and Remodeling Companies – Being able to show before and after video or video during a construction project really helps potential clients see what you can do.
  • Small Business – Most small businesses can benefit from Video Marketing

Social Media Marketing Service

Social Media Marketing

Keeping up on Social Media and creating engaging content multiple time a week can be tiresome and even a hassle. We can take some or all of the work off your plate by creating engaging content for Facebook and Instagram. After meeting to discuss your goals, we will agree on a number of postings per week and type of posting you would like to see. Based on this information, I can put together a Social Media Marketing Plan that works for you. Looking to run Facebook or Instagram ads? We can help create them for you!


Search Engine Optimization are the efforts used to help your website get found on the internet. i can tell you it deals with alt tags, content creation, meta tags, author codes and more, but that might not mean much to you. rest assured that our SEO Best Practices are in line with industry standards and we do not try to game the system or cheat. Through good organic gardening, we can show the results.


Search Engine Marketing also comes down to PPC Management. Pay Per Click or commonly referred to as PPC is the act of paying to show up in search results to generate customer interest in your business. The goal is to get that potential customer to call you, visit your website, or buy a product or service. Each click can range from pennies on the dollar to hundreds of dollars. Our PPC Campaign Management will create your ads, manage them and ensure your staying within your monthly advertising budget. PPC Advertising is a good hybrid way of online marketing to gain customer views right now.

Graphic Design

  • Restaurant Menu Design
  • Table Toppers
  • Flyers, Logo’s, Business Cards
  • Social Media banners
  • Website Banners
  • Advertising Materials